3-on-3 Fellowship Basketball Tournament

Where:  River Community Church

When: Saturday, September 7
Registration at 4:00

Format:  Will vary based on number of players

Divisions:  Younger bracket:  5th-8th grade
                    Older bracket:  9th-12th grade

Registration:  Must be present at the start of the tournament to be entered into the bracket.  Registration involves providing name, phone number, and home address.  This will allow us to contact you when your team is going to play next.

For more information, contact Brad LaRose.


1.  Proper sportsmanship is the primary focus.  Poor sportsmanship will initially be given a verbal warning.  2nd occurrence will result in a turnover of possession, and a 3rd occurrence will result in a team disqualification.

2.  Start game by coin flip.

3.  Ball must be checked by opposing player before each possession.

4.  Ball must be returned to 3-point line in a change of possession following a missed basket.

5.  Games are self-officiated with no free throws.  Church leaders will resolve disputes and their ruling will be final.

6.  Self-scoring with score called out after every point change.  Church leaders can be asked to keep score if conflicts arise.  

7.  All out of bounds plays will be reset at the top of the key.

8.  A field goal is worth 1 point, a field goal behind the arc is worth 2 points.

9.  All games are first to 10 points or 10 minutes, whichever comes first, with a 2:00 minute overtime if necessary.  First observation of purposeful delay of game will result in a warning and thereafter will result in a turnover of possession.

10.  Players will observe all posted court rules.  Violations may incur a sportsmanship penalty or immediate disqualification.