Sundays at 9:15 AM

Our adult education classes are also open to high school aged youth. We welcome young adult participation in these classes because we want to encourage their spiritual growth by including them in mature discussions about our shared faith. This is a great time of engaging God’s Word and getting to know each other.

The following classes meet at 9:15 AM on Sunday:

What REAL Theology Looks Like
A Study of the Book of James

The Epistle of James challenges us to live out the faith we profess. James writes about the heart and life of the believer. He presents many areas of life where our faith is to be put into action. The pages of James are filled with commands for believers to put the faith we profess into action. Join Rich Michael and David Jacobson as we study James.

The Gospel Project:  Exodus

"The story that God has been telling from the very beginning, the story that saturates every page of Scripture and ties Scripture together, is a story of hope. It's a story that makes sense of the problems of the world, and tell us that the solution to them isn't us. The solution is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Join Kyle Nickerson and David Brignac in The Gospel Project, a Christ-centered study that goes through the entire Bible in three years.

This class, along with the children's classes, will study the same Scripture each Sunday.