9:15 AM on Sundays

Our adult education classes are open to middle and high school aged youth. We welcome young adult participation in these classes because we want to encourage their spiritual growth by including them in mature discussions about our shared faith. This is a great time of engaging God’s Word and getting to know each other.

The following classes meet at 9:15 AM on Sunday:

christianity and liberalism
TAUGHT BY david jacobson AND RICH MICHAEL in the sanctuary

Christianity is experiencing greater conflict with the beliefs of the culture. The pressure to accommodate our faith to “respectable” ideas continues to increase. In such times, refreshing ourselves on our historic beliefs and becoming alert to how cultural accommodation is at work to pervert our doctrine helps us in our perseverance. Join Rich Michael and David Jacobson as they use the classic work Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen to help us better grasp historic Christianity and discern more clearly how basic beliefs become distorted in our modern world.

remember:  A class for members new and old
taught by Pastor nathan edwards in room 3

God is doing exciting things at River. Remember is a class for both the member and non-member alike. It is designed to unite us and recharge us as we seek to be a church family who lives in and lives out the Good News of Jesus Christ. Remember will retrace God's great faithfulness toward his covenant people and will show how church membership makes us a visible and vital part of that people. This class will look at what church membership at River means by exploring our history, our beliefs, and our mission. Remember will provide the opportunity for non-members to join as well as for current members to renew their membership pledge.