Series: “Jesus Is Enough”

A study of Colossians

Series: “God Cares for His Sheep”

A two-week series on shepherding.

Series: “The Reason Why”

Who is God? What is Man? What happened to cause the fallen-ness we see in ourselves and in the world today, and how God introduced his plan to redeem creation.

Series: “…to us a Son is given”

Advent 2018

Series: “King’s Ransom” - The Gospel of Mark, Part 2

In Part 2 of the study of Mark's gospel we learn that Jesus came to Jerusalem not to be enthroned but to be "a ransom for many."

Sermon: "Seeking Maturity"

Series: "Lord. Son. Savior." - The Gospel of Mark, Part 1

The Jesus Fish literally means: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. Meet this Jesus in a study of the first half of the Gospel of Mark.

Series: "Living Forgiveness" - The Letter to Philemon

Discover the power of reconciliation in Christ through this practical letter from Paul.

Series: "Renewed - How God Brings New Beginnings"

In the Book of Haggai we discover a God who is always ready to restore and renew us through His Word.

Series: "It Will Be"

Seeing the fulfillment of God's promises at Advent through the doxology of the Lord's Prayer.

Series: "As It Is" - The Lord's Prayer

In the Lord's Prayer we discover Jesus' vision for his people.

Series: "First Things - The Five Solas"

An overview of these five foundational Gospel truths.